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Title - CHAPTER 2: i'll love you in the most sensual way
Authors - Ashley (me) **rockmysoxoff876** and Carrie **accentsarehot**
Pairing - gee and bert of course
Summary - w that gee and bert are together how will there relationship escalate?
Disclaimer - none of this ever happened blady blady blah you no the drill
Notes - we hope you enjoy this chapter so yea...

[Gerard] I woke up the next morning and jumped a little, finding someone next to me. Then I remembered last night and couldn't help the grin splitting across my lips. Yeah....last night......

[Bert] I was still in dreamland, my dreams didn’t quite make sense but that was ok, I woke up by the touch of someone’s cold hand near the small of my back. I opened my eyes slowly seeing Gerard looking at me, in way that seemed as if he were looking into my soul.

[Gerard] I smiled a little. "Good morning, sweetheart."

[Bert] "mmm..." I muttered, "Morning babe" a tiny grin grew across my mouth. All the things I said last night began to re invent themselves in my mind. I could remember every word.

[Gerard] "Did you sleep all right?" I asked, thinking back over everything recently.

[Bert] "Of course I did, especially with you in my arms" I smirked and rolled onto my side. "I know this is cheesy but . . . do you want to order room service" I laughed a little and gave Gerard a smile

[Gerard] I arched an eyebrow at him, "How is room service cheesy? .....Unless of course you get everything with cheese...." I smirked.

[Bert] I patted Gerard on his bare stomach "oh you’re so hilarious" I said sarcastically. "What do you want? I’m getting pancakes...with whip cream" I winked then licked my lips slowly and seductively.

[Gerard] I stared at him. "No teasing! Not fair!" I said, nearly whining.

[Bert] "I’m sorry baby," I said in such an apologetic tone “anything I can do to get you to forgive me?" I rolled on top of him and stared into his eyes

[Gerard] "Mm...I think this'll do." I grinned and pulled him down towards me, kissing him.

[Bert] I kissed back with such passionate determination. "Mm I love you so much Gerard" I managed to mutter under my breath. My hands lingered down near his lower back. Quickly sliding my hands ever so further I grabbed his ass and giggled a little

[Gerard] I snickered, "You....." I really had no words after that, so I let it all hang in the air for a moment before kissing him again, soft and gentle.

[Bert] "Mm gee...not to interrupts or anything but uhm, why do you love a guy like me? I don’t want to get all emotional or anything I was just wondering..." I quickly looked down wishing I had never asked.
[Gerard] I opened my mouth to say something when I realized an actual answer to that question would be harder than I want it to be. "I.....Honestly.....I don't know. I just.....know that I love you with everything in me....and nothing's ever going to change that....Nothing.....Ever...” I reached up, rubbing my thumb over his cheek, just under his eye. "Why?" I asked, mostly just out of curiosity, but really wanting an answer.

[Bert] "...because I’ve never really actually loved anyone before and I’ve never had anyone ever love me as much as you do, I was just wondering what made me so special" I let out a little smile at Gerard and quickly changed the subject "anyway what do you want from room service/?" I quickly turned over grabbing the menu on the bed side table

[Gerard] I smiled a little. "Umm...I don’t know...."

[Bert] "Well then Mr. Way ill just have to make up your mind for you" I said as I fluttered my eyelashes. I grabbed the telephone and put the phone to my ear "uhm yes an order for room 34B on the top floor ... yea well have the uh blueberry pancakes with extra whip cream," I shot Gerard a look and smiled, " and an order of waffles too...mhm thanks" I turned back to Gerard "Hun after breakfast do you want to go do something?" I asked

[Gerard] I shrugged, "If you want....I don't care. I just want to be with you." I gave Bert a shy smile.

[Bert] "oh don’t be shy..." I laughed, “we should probably go meet up with the guys I mean they haven’t seen us ever since I dragged you to the room last night." I heard a knock at the door and quickly stood up. I opened the door and grabbed the food from the waiter "thanks" I said as I handed him his tip. I shut the door with my foot and set the food on the table. I motioned to Gerard with my hand to come sit at the table.

[Gerard] I walked over and sat across from him, "Don't try to force me to not be shy, dammit."

[Bert] "I’m sorry” I said reluctantly. i threw my arms into the air to stretch out my back. I knew my pants were sinking lower on my hips, i was just doing to get Gerard’s attention.

[Gerard] My eyes slowly drifted to stare for a moment. I was only very vaguely aware that I was even staring at all.

[Bert] "Don’t think I don’t see you staring at me over there" I smiled at him. god his face was so beautiful. I wanted to go and just fuck his brains out but no, I cant, not yet.

[Gerard] I blinked and jumped out of my trance, blushing insanely. "I-I....umm...."

[Bert] "Gee I don’t want to push you or anything but..." I thought for a minute then changed my mind "never mind"
[Gerard] I frowned slightly. "....N-no....please, don't do that......" I pleaded. I hate it when people did that. And my last relationship was full of that....and I don't want to go there again. "What is it?"

[Bert] I let out a long sigh "alright I know you’re not ready for a lot of stuff but when will you be ready for . . . you know" god Bert just say it. You know you can say it. Sex.

[Gerard] "I-I don't....I can't honestly say. I....I don't like moving too fast because of...." I winced slightly, "Something things that have happened to me before. I....I'm sorry, baby...." I bit my lip, staring down at the table.

[Bert] "Gee baby don’t be sorry, it was just a question, I have no issues with waiting I just wanted to ask, I should be the one who is sorry, I wont ask again" I smiled at him and leaned across the table. I stuck out my tongue and licked the excess whipped cream of his face, "Mmm I love that whip cream on you Gerard" I winked. I kissed him softly on the mouth and sat back down

[Gerard] I blushed lightly, but kissed him back, smiling against his lips just as he pulled away.

[Bert] "Gee alright lets see, we should probably meet the guys soon so yea" I stood up from the table and ran over to grab my bag. I unzipped it and pulled out some clothes. I new exactly what to do. I slowly pulled down my pants and made sure Gerard was looking. I turned to face him and pulled on a t shirt I then slowly pulled down my boxers exposing my bottom half completely naked. I grabbed another pair of boxers and pulled them on quickly with a pair of jeans. I smiled and dropped my bag to the floor

[Gerard] I stared up at him. "You....are evil." I muttered.

[Bert] "Oh I know" I said in a smart ass like tone I walked over to the table and kissed him long and passionately I didn’t want to let go. "Get dressed alright we got to go meet the guys"

[Gerard] I stared at him for a moment, nodding numbly, going over to my bag and getting my clothes out of it. I didn't let him see what I was going to be getting into, but, I'm not quite as evil as he is, so I walked into the bathroom to get changed, making sure to lock it because I have issues. I changed into a tighter-than-I-would-normal-wear black t-shirt and I-swear-to-fucking-God-this-is-a-pair-of-pants-I-had-in-high-school pair of black jeans. I decided I'd put my shoes on in a minute; makeup is more important and eyeliner a must. So, I carefully traced under my eye with the pen and then put on a pinkish-red eye shadow. That being done, I pulled on a pair of socks and black shoe-boots. I winked at myself in the mirror and opened the door, going back into the hotel room, acting completely casual. "All right. So. Let's go."

[Bert] All I could do was stare in awe. .. "Ger-Gerard? when did you get so....gorgeous" I walked very slowly too him and wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss on each side of his neck then easing my way up kissed him right on the lips. "God gee you’re so fucking hot" I said under my breath. I kissed again this time more intensely. I moved him towards the wall so I could keep my self stable. I pushed his arms up against the wall and kept kissing him wildly.

[Gerard] I kissed him back, smiling gently against his lips. "It's something I've recently decided to take into effect. It's working well, so far." I grinned.

[Bert] "Well apparently" I said with smirk. I kept on kissing him. I began grinding my hips into his. "Mmmm gee, god I love you so fucking much, you’ll never know"

[Gerard] I smirked before kissing him again. I grinned against his lips. "Mmm....not so sure about that....."

[Bert] I let out a small giggle “gee .... Oh gee...” before I could continue I turned to see someone opening the door. I looked at Gerard just as Frankie walked in. "whoa guys...uhhhh sorry ... I didn’t uhhh I mean yaa well were all downstairs waiting so yea..." Frankie quickly walked out. I busted into fits of laughter.

[Gerard] I burst into giggles. "Oh, God.....that was ....fucking priceless." I laughed. "I don't think I could have made up a better reaction." I giggled again.

[Bert] "We should probably get down there before someone else tries to come up here and get us out." I kissed Gerard softly on the lips and went to grab my cell and my cigarettes. I opened the door for him, "Mr. Way, after you..." I took a little bow and laughed.

[Gerard] I grabbed my cell and giggled and shook my head. "You nut," I muttered, walking out of the room.

[Bert] "So I’ve been told..." I said as I walked to catch up right next to him. As we arrived in the lobby all the guys looked over and waved. "Sorry were..uhm..late we were just..." I tried to find some words to use. "Ya ya ya you were just humping each other against a wall...we’ve heard" said Mikey. I couldn’t help but laugh.

[Gerard] I snickered, glancing over at Frankie, that priceless still on his face made me laugh out loud.

[Bert] "Alright so maybe we were" I gleefully admitted. "But hey what do you expect a boyfriend and boyfriend to do with each other?" I raised one eyebrow and grabbed gees hand to lead him to the bus. "Do you want to ride on my bus today?" I asked

[Gerard] I leaned my head on his shoulder, nodding slightly. "Mmhmm."

[Bert] "Okay honey" I said I led him up the stairs of the bus. As soon as we got inside I offered him a drink, "Are you thirsty?" I hoped he’d say yes, it would give me an excuse to bend over in front of him

[Gerard] "No, I'm fine, baby." I said, not moving much. I'm kind of tired. I didn't really sleep much last night. It wasn't a night for sleep. It was more of a night for watching....

[Bert] "Oh ok" I said slightly disappointed. "You look tired" I said,” Do u want to take a little nap?" I laughed a little at my statement

[Gerard] I chuckled. ", I'm all right." I knew it was a lie and that I'd probably pass out soon enough anyway, but I don't care. I'm staying awake as long as I can, dammit.

[Bert] "Alright, if ya get tired just let me know" I was hoping he’d get tired soon it’d give me a chance to sleep with him again. I ran over to him and jumped on to the couch where he was sitting. "Wanna to make out?" I said. I fluttered my eyelashes and opened my mouth wide as if I were in shock.

[Gerard] I giggled, falling over on my side, looking up at him, grinning.

[Bert] "I’ll take that as a yes" I straddled myself on top of him and leaned in for a kiss. I planted my lips onto his neck and began to kiss him violently. After a few minutes I moved up to his lips to continue what I was doing. I knew I gave him a hickey already. I kept on kissing and moving my tongue all over him. "God gee..."
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