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Title - CHAPTER 3 i'll love you in the most sensual way
Authors - Ashley (me) **rockmysoxoff876** and Carrie **accentsarehot**
Pairing - gee and bert of course
Summary - bert wants to go further . . . but why is gerard so skittish?
Disclaimer - none of this ever happened blady blady blah you no the drill
Notes - YES ITS CH 3 we should have ch 4 soon :)

[Gerard] I kissed him back when he reached my lips and tangled my hands in his hair.

[Bert] god gees kisses had such force such passion such...such love. "God gee your fucking fabulous...your ...your amazing, "God Bert just shut up! Stop talking and enjoy this moment. Normally I kiss with my eyes shut but I wanted to see what he looked like so I kept them open. Gee’s eyes do these little squinty motions every few seconds and he makes these adorably sexy orgasm faces....god I love this.

[Gerard] I couldn't help the smile spilling across my lips, and his. "Love you...."

[Bert] "I love you too" I smiled back. "Gee honey," I said in-between kisses and breaths for air, “you know you’re a beautiful person. Telling you how I felt was the best thing I’ve ever done."

{Gerard] I was speaking between short kisses, "You have no good it know you feel the same...."

[Bert] “Hun I think I do" I smiled and continued what I was doing. I started grinding my hips down into his. This. Is. Awesome. I started going faster but by then Mikey Frankie Ray and Bob decided to come and say hi. "Jesus again with the humping!!!" Mikey shouted and ran out of the bus. Ray and bob followed him. Frankie tagged along, “now you have fun you too" he winked and smiled and left the bus as well. i let out a loud laugh "FUCK did u see them, DID YOU SEE THEM!! ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY priceless!" I was laughing so hard i was practically shaking.

[Gerard] My laughter was rivaling Bert's at the moment. "Oh....we could have so much fun with this right now...." I snickered.

[Bert] "Alright then" I said. I grabbed Gerard’s hand and jumped up. I dragged him off the bus outside where the guys were sitting. I frantically started making out and grinding gee against the side of the tour bus. Everyone’s mouth was dropped in complete shock. Frankie was the only one who was laughing his ass off while he rolled around on the ground.

[Gerard] "Ah! Uh, okay!" I snickered, following him, then letting Bert have his way. It was really hard not to laugh; I mean....I was against the bus....I could see their reactions....

[Bert] After a few minutes of heavy breathing I stopped and turned to see the guy’s reactions. "Hahahaha fucking priceless! Your faces are fucking priceless!!" I shouted. The rest if the guys broke in to hysterical laughter. Minutes later me and Gerard headed back onto the bus to sit. "...damn that was good" I said.

[Gerard] I smiled and nodded, "Yeah....definitely....." I was still laughing a little.

[Bert] "Gee?" I said with a yawn, " I’m going to take a nap, would you like to join me?" I was exhausted from today and the following night. Humping guys takes out a lot of energy.

[Gerard] I nodded a little. "Mmhm." I honestly didn't get much sleep the night before, so....I mean, sleep sounded really good.

[Bert] I held gees hand and wandered back to my curtained bed. I took of my shirt and pants and climbed right in. I laid there in my boxers waiting for Gerard. "Does this body look familiar?" I said in a sexy voice.

[Gerard] I stripped down to my boxers and grinned at him, falling to my knees on the mattress. "Mmm....maybe." I said, smirking.

[Bert] "Well now Mr. Way I order you to climb under these covers with me" I laughed a little and smiled. "Hurry up my footsies are cold!!!" I said in a childish voice. I started laughing at what I just said

[Gerard] I giggled and shook my head, smiling slightly as I crawled over and lay down next to him.

[Bert] I rolled my body over to lay on top of him. I was freezing and he was so warm. "Gee...don’t ever leave me okay?"

[Gerard] "I couldn't imagine it, baby." I smiled up at him a little.

[Bert] I stared into his eyes for a moment then kissed him softly on the lips. I laid my hand his stomach and started rubbing it. “I love you gee" I barely finished my sentence before falling asleep

[Gerard] I smiled and whispered, "I love you, too, sweetheart." I absentmindedly played with his hair until I fell asleep.

[A little later]

[Gerard] I jolted awake, sitting straight up, my eyes wide. "Thank God....." I muttered, leaning back against the pillow, " was just a dream....." I bit down on my lip.

[Bert] Dammit. Who’s tossing and turning? I awoke to see gee sitting straight up, "g-gee honey, what’s wrong?"

[Gerard] "Nothing........." I whispered, "It was just a dream....."

[Bert] "Gerard tell me." I said very sternly, "I’m here to listen"

[Gerard] I shook my head. "It was nothing. Don't worry about it......It was....." My voice wavered slightly, "...just a dream....." I stared down at the mattress.

[Bert] Gerard Arthur Way I am telling you that i want to hear it, please just tell me."

[Gerard] "It was a dream....ab-about my ex....And I don't want to talk about it."

[Bert] "Gee I don’t want to be a bother but please, I’m not going to be able to sleep unless you tell me. I’m begging you please, I don’t care what it’s about ok" I kissed him tenderly and looked into his eyes. "I’m here for you."

[Gerard] "Have I ever told you.....about Scott?" I asked, chewing on my lip, staring down at the sheets.

[Bert] “No not really" I listened attentively.

[Gerard] I took a breath, trying to steady myself. "So.....okay. You remember.....when I'd come up with those random bruises that I....didn't know where they came from?" I never looked up at him. I couldn't look at him.....

[Bert] I swallowed hard. Jesus. I knew where this was going. "Yea..." I muttered. How could this guy do that to such a beautiful person.

[Gerard] "They weren't....random and.....I knew exactly where they were from....." I swallowed. God....I'd never told anyone about this..... "I-I.....He....." I bit my lip, squeezing my eyes shut.

[Bert] "Baby, no" I could tell tears were forming in my eyes. "How ...why...what happened I your dream?" how could Scott do this, to MY baby to MY Gerard.

[Gerard] I shook my head, "Just....flashes of things....that had happened...."

[Bert] I put my arm around him. “Baby, I want you to know, I will NEVER hurt you in anyway EVER" just hearing about this made me cry.

[Gerard] I leaned into him, nodding a little. "I...I know.....I know that....." I choked back a sob, not able to stop the tears from falling down my cheeks. "I know...."

[Bert] I reached up and wiped a tear from his cheek. Hugging him tighter "Shh baby, its going to be alright." we laid back down onto the bed. I turned on my side and wrapped my arms around him, stroking his hair and playing with it between my fingers. “I love you baby ...always."
[Gerard] I sniffed, the tears still pouring.

[Bert] "gee please stop crying...please" I croaked. Tears started to form in my eyes. "I don’t want you to hurt anymore, is there anything...anything at all I can do?"

[Gerard] "I'm sorry...." Was all I could manage to whisper.

[Bert] "It’s alright, just go back to sleep will all get better soon don’t worry" I said,” if your dream comes back, wake me up ok..." I smiled.

[Gerard] I nodded a little. "...Kay...." I licked my lips.

[Bert] “I know this isn’t the time but...I find it DAMN sexy when you lick you lips like that" I winked. I was hoping it might cheer him up.

[Gerard] I smiled just barely.

[Bert] "Sorry" I said. I squeezed him tight and stroked his hair. After a few minutes I dozed off.

[Gerard] I sighed and turned over, watching him. I smiled a little. "So cute....." I smiled again and slowly found myself falling asleep again.

[Bert] I woke up minutes later after Gerard had fallen asleep. I couldn’t sleep. I sat up and just stared in front of me. I turned to my side to look at Gerard. I examined his gorgeous body wondering if there are any scars. Wondering where the bruises were. I stroked my fingers up his arm. I reached up to wipe the tears from my eyes. "Gerard" I whispered, “don’t worry, its going to get better...I love you."

[Gerard] I shivered slightly and opened my eyes. "Mmm...wha....what?" I frowned, blinking to try and clear my vision.

[Bert] Shit he wasn’t supposed to wake up. "Oh uh gee uhm I couldn’t sleep i was just muttering something." I laid down and looked at his eyes.

[Gerard] "...Oh." I smiled a little.

[Bert] 'yea..." I said. I kissed him and gave him a hug. I yawned again. I have barely gotten sleep I’ve been awake this whole time. “Love you babe"

[Gerard] I smiled. "I love you too." I tapped him lightly on the nose. Arching an eyebrow at him, I asked, "Did you sleep?"

[Bert] “No not really...I’m mostly awake now though" I lied. Trying to hold back a yawn I sat back up and opened the curtain. "whatcha wanna do ?"

[Gerard] I shrugged, "I don’t know..."

[Bert] "Neither do I," I paused, "Ohh ohh ohh I have an idea!!" I pounced on him within the second and put his arms down. I started kissing his neck all over. Retracing the hickey he already had.

[Gerard] I giggled, "Having an orgasm?" I giggled again when he started kissing my neck.

[Bert] "OOOOOOOHHHH" I shouted out laughing. "Wouldn’t you like that?" I knew we had boundaries but I just had to cross just one. I reached my hand below the covers and gave him a little squeeze. I giggled.

[Gerard] I smacked his hand. "You're a naughty little rebel, are you?"

[Bert] I giggled again. "Perhaps" I batted my lashes at him and sunk down for a kiss. I slipped my tongue into his mouth thrashing wildly.

[Gerard] I giggled and kissed him back, melting when his tongue slipped into my mouth. I mean....gawd....

[Bert] "Mmm Gerard" I muttered. God there was so much I wanted to do with him...but I wasn’t going to push it.

[Gerard] "Mm...." I smiled a little against his lips.

[Bert] I kept making out with him violently. Trying to resist the urge just to fuck his brains but...god Bert stop it don’t push him!!!

[Gerard] I pulled back a little, looking up at him, staring at him.

[Bert] "Wh - what is it" I said.

[Gerard] I shook my head. "Nothing," I reached up, cupping his cheek, rubbing my thumb just under his eye, smiling.

[Bert] I kissed him again "What is it?"

[Gerard] "Honestly.....nothing....." I smiled slightly.

[Bert] "Oh Gerard Gerard Gerard I know when something’s up." I wagged my finger at him.

[Gerard] I shook my head a little, "Well, your radar's messed up, then, because nothing's wrong, baby."

[Bert] "oh sorry then" I sat back and looked at him "gee?"

[Gerard] I looked at him. "Hmm?"

[Bert] "Alright its time for me to be a complete ass here" I said, "I feel really guilty for asking this ok...." I let out a sigh, “are we ever going to do anything together? I mean I don’t want to push you can trust me...ill be gentle with anything and everything and I’ll NEVER leave you." I whispered, "god why did I have to ask”

[Gerard] I looked down. "I-I......" I bit down on my lip, "I just.....I....." I sighed.

[Bert] "Gee never mind ok forget I asked" I said in a sweet tone.

[Gerard] I licked my lips. "I just......things have....there've been some things that have....happened to me and....I...." I stared down at my hands. "I'm s-sorry, baby...."

[Bert] "It’s alright, I understand....but at some point will you be ready??"

[Gerard] I nodded a little. "Yeah....I just.....I don't know when......and....." I sighed.

[Bert] "Its ok, I was just asking...." I paused for a moment, then kissed him right under his ear.

[Gerard] "Mmkay," I shivered a little.

[Bert] “You cold?" I asked

[Gerard] I shook my head. "No."

[Bert] "Oh ok" god I have this feeling like something is wrong here....but what is it?

[Gerard] I smiled a little, staying silent.

[Bert] "Gerard I cant kiss you like this ok listen.....what is wrong something is up here ok… know it" I said. "My radar is not fucked up" I really was wondering and getting frustrated

[Gerard] I bit down on my lip. "I-I...." I sighed. "......He didn't just.....hit me......." I whispered.

[Bert] "Oh my god" I said slowly, " Jesus what’d he do to you?" I was urging him to tell me.

[Gerard] "If you want to know.....the real reason I'm kind of....skittish....." I looked down, staring hard at the sheets. God. Was I really going to tell him? Could I? Yes. I had to. If I didn't.......I sighed. "He....." I felt the tears rushing to my eyes. "He raped me....."
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