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-Title: ill love you in the most sensual way CHAPTER 4
-Band/Pairing: gee and bert
-Author: accentsarehot **carrie** and rockmysoxoff876 **me**
-Rating: R [language and we have smut!]
-Summary: Waffles kisses and sex ..... tee hee hee
-Authors notes or any other information: uhm i dont think soo but well try and get ch 5 up sooner than last time

[Bert] I saw gee sitting there all vulnerable and sad. I couldn't even say anything I was shocked beyond belief. "" I couldn't believe my ears "this ...can’t...Be...true" I started to cry.

[Gerard] I frowned slightly. Surely he didn't he? "....I wouldn't make something like that up......"

[Bert] "Honey I don’t mean you lied...I mean I can’t believe this I could he do such a thing to someone as beautiful as you?" god no.

[Gerard] I was still frowning as I looked over at him. I shook my head. "Mm....No. I'm not...." I took a pause, actually having to force myself to say the word ".....beautiful...."

[Bert] "Gerard baby, you ARE beautiful, you’re the most beautiful human being I’ve ever met, don’t EVER let anyone tell you are me" he needed to know how much I cared, we had to get past this...

[Gerard] I shook my head again. "I'm not......I-I'm not...."

[Bert] "Gee how could you think that, you are gorgeous" I smiled at him, "don’t ever listen to anyone that tells you, you aren’t because you are more than anyone I’ve ever been with and that’s that, I’m not kidding or joking....I’m absolutely out of this world gorgeous" I grabbed his hand and stroked it lightly. I placed my other arm around him to hold him tight.

[Gerard] I blushed insanely. God.... I buried my face in the crook of his neck to hide my still darkening cheeks.

[Bert] "Gee honey its alright," I pulled his face up only to see his face was beet red, “awwww your so cute when you blush" I giggled. "Hun I’m soooo sorry that had to happen to you, you really don't deserve that kind of treatment, I’m really sorry" I placed my hands on his shoulders and leaned in for a kiss.

[Gerard] I leaned towards him, but when our lips touched, I winced and pulled away. "I-I....sorry....." I stared down at my hands. "I-I just.....with all the memories....resurfacing and....I...." I bit down on my lip, glancing up at Bert through a few strands of hair that had fallen in my face.

[Bert] "It’s ok, I understand, do you want me to leave you alone for a little while?" I said as reached my hand out to brush the hair from his face. I started to make my way up off the bed.

[Gerard] I reached out and grabbed his wrist. "No!" I nearly shouted, but softening my voice when I spoke again, "Please....stay......" I felt the tears spring in my eyes again. "....Please don't leave me....."
[Bert] I sat back down immediately, "I’m sorry baby I won't leave you..." we sat in silence for a moment, " you want to talk about it? I mean we don’t have to but if you do..." I intertwined my fingers with his and held his hand tight.

[Gerard] I shook my head. "N-no....." I bit my lip, " hurts too much to talk about it....." I muttered, squeezing his hand a little, more or less for myself; I just wanted to--had to--reassure myself that he was really there. That this wasn't all just some dream....

[Bert] "Alright what ever you want babe..." I sighed a little wondering where to go from here.

[Gerard] I leaned my head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, baby....." Sorry that you had to pick someone like me.....

[Bert] "Sorry for what..." I asked.

[Gerard] "That you had to pick someone as fucked up as I am...."

[Bert] "Gerard, don't say are not fucked up at perfect" I trailed off quietly as I finished my statement.

[Gerard] I shook my head. "No....I....I'm not. I'm nowhere near perfect...."

[Bert] " have to start giving your self credit for who you are..." I sighed and laid down on the bed.

[Gerard] "Maybe....but.....nobody's perfect....and I'm really not...."

[Bert] "Whatever Gerard..." I rolled over and stared at the wall.

[Gerard] I silently let the tears roll down my cheeks for a moment. "Wha....what did I do? I....I didn't mean to upset you......" I choked back a sob. God....everything was just wrong tonight....

[Bert] God now what have I done. "Gee baby, I didn't mean to upset you it's just, it hurts me to know that you don’t think you're beautiful...even though you are I just want you to know the truth." Tears started to form in my eyes.

[Gerard] I cupped my hand over his cheek. "Baby....I do believe you.....I....just don't agree with you....." I let my eyes fall to the bed.

[Bert] "But...but why?" I ran my hands over his face and through his hair, “I love you, you know that right?"

[Gerard] I nodded, "Yes....I know that. I know you love me. I just....I think you give me too much credit....I....I just don't think I'm such a beautiful person...."
[Bert] I looked at him trying to keep the tears from filling my eyes. “I could never give you too much credit...I barely give you enough." I smiled, "Gee, you're all that I've got."

[Gerard] I bit down on my lip, looking down. "I...." I bit my lip again, not sure really what to say.

[Bert] "Gee, ya know how when you find the one for you, you sorta see fireworks or hear love music or something like that?" I asked, "Well, as ridiculous as this sounds...the first time I laid eyes upon you all I could hear was Blue and Yellow playing in the background and all I could see were fireworks. I couldn’t even concentrate, I spent my nights in bed thinking of you...constantly" I looked down embarrassed at what I just admitted. I pulled hair in front of my face to hide my expression. Oh here we go I mean, I never get sappy like that…well barely.

[Gerard] I smiled slightly, taking your hands in mine. "Baby...." I kissed the top of his hand. "That is....the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me." I reached over and pushed his hair out of his face. "You are too cute." I smiled. "And believe me when I say, I know exactly....what you mean. I didn't really....see fireworks or anything, but.....I felt it.....I knew.....I wasn't I knew, I just....knew."

[Bert] I was still blushing but I lifted my face anyway. "God we make the best couple don't we," I laughed trying to make the best of our situation. "Listen we've sat in here for a while so the guys are all probably wondering where the fuck we are..."

[Gerard] I smiled. "Perfect couple." I chuckled a little, "Very true...." I laughed a little.

[Bert] I stood up and stretched my arms into the air. "I’m bout you?" i tilted my head to the side.

[Gerard] "Mm....kind of...." I smiled a little. He was cute with his head to the side like that!

[Bert] "I know it's pretty much night time but i make killer waffles...want some?" I laughed and made my way to the kitchen and the mini waffle oven just for the tour bus.

[Gerard] I laughed, "Sure." I smiled, following him.

[Bert] "Alrighty lets see..." I got out everything I needed and mixed it in a bowl. "LA LA LA LA LA!" I pretended to sing as I stirred the contents of the bowl.

[Gerard] I laughed. "You nut bar!" I laughed again. "If you're going to sing, sing me something. Don't la, la, la me!"

[Bert] "Alright Mr. Way." I sat down next to Gerard and cleared my throat. I started to sing the opening lines to I caught fire. "Seemed to stop my breath
my head on your chest waiting to cave in from the bottom of my...hear your voice again could we dim the sun and wonder where we've been maybe you and me so kiss me like you did my heart stopped beating such a softer sin in your eyes i lost my place could stay a while and I'm melting in your eyes like my first time that I caught fire just stay with me lay with me now…

[Gerard] I grinned. "You are absolutely great." I kissed him gently. "I love you."

[Bert] "Awww thank you for the support, I love you too" I grinned and kissed back. "OH SHIT!" I stood up quickly to discover that the waffles were burning.

[Gerard] My eyes widened at the sudden shout and I had to bite back a chuckle when I realized what it was for.

[Bert] I stood up and grabbed the waffle oven with one hand while turning on the sink with the other. "FUCK!" I yelped and dropped the waffle oven. "Shit I burnt my hand." I looked over at Gee, "I guess well have cereal then."

[Gerard] I walked over and kissed his cheek, "You all right, baby?" I asked, looking at his hand.

[Bert] "...No" I muttered under my breath. I looked up at him and frowned, "kiss it and make it all better pwease?"

[Gerard] "Aww..." I gently took his hand in mine and just as gently kissed his hand. "I'm sorry, baby."

[Bert] "Thank you" I fluttered my eyelashes and proceeded to pick up the waffles off the floor. "What are we gonna do now?"

"Mmm....I don't know." I muttered, leaning my head on his shoulder.

[Bert] "We should probably go find the guys" I walked over to grab my shirt and my jeans. I threw my shirt on over my head and pulled up my jeans as I made my way back over to Gerard. "Alright, ready?"

[Gerard] I nodded. "Yeah, sure." I smiled a little.

[Bert] I grabbed his hand and pulled him up, leading him out of the bus. As we headed our way over to the MCR bus I shouted to the guys. "Hey frankie, mikey, I'm returning your oh-so-sexy front man."

[Gerard] I blushed at the comment and stared down at the ground. Jesus. Does he think they care? I mean, gah!

[Bert] I walked up to Mikey and ruffled his hair "What's up Mikes?" I laughed, "Nothing, just got down humping your brother." "God Bert, do I even HAVE to say it." He walked onto the bus. I let out a loud laugh.

[Gerard] I shook my head. Right then.

[Bert] "Gee baby, honey, cutie," I laughed, " since we're going to the same show tomorrow....will you sleep on my bus tonight or can i sleep on yours?"

[Gerard] "Uh, sure. Who goes where?" I chuckled.

[Bert] " know what i mean!" I pushed his shoulder lightly and laughed.

[Gerard] I laughed. "Of course I know what you mean." I smiled wrinkled my nose a little.

[Bert] "oke-tay...which pick" i smiled slightly.

[Gerard] I shrugged. "It makes no difference to me, but I have a feeling you'd be damn ready to debate on me choosing,'re already here, right?" I laughed a little.

[Bert] "Exactly...alright so lets get going!" I ran up the stairs and jumped onto the couch.

[Gerard] I laughed a little. "You nutbar!" I shouted at him, following him.

[Bert] I patted the couch right next to me for Gee to come sit. "Geeeeeeeee?" I whined, "I have a question...." here we go Bert get ready...

[Gerard] I sat down next to him, slightly sideways, facing him. My head tilted to the side, "Yeah?"

[Bert] "Ok Gerard, I wanna show you that's not easy for me to say this after everything I’ve found out so don't take it the wrong way ok?" I worked up my courage while waiting for Gee's approval to go on.

[Gerard] My eyebrows shot up, a confused look on my face. "What is it?" I said softly.

[Bert] "Well...I wanna show you't all pain and well...rape...i wanna show you that it's ya know...good...with someone you love..." i lowered my head and stared at my hands.

[Gerard] I bit my lip, looking down, looking back up at him. "O-okay...." I barely managed to whisper, barely hearing myself.

[Bert] "Ar-are you sh-shure? cause I mean it was just a suggestion and if you don't wanna it's alright..." i rambled on.
[Gerard] I reached up and put a finger to his mouth, slowly sliding my finger down his lips, my finger lingering for a moment, tugging slightly on his lip as my hand fell again. "Baby.....I wouldn't've said okay....if I meant no...."

[Bert] "O-okay...let's go." I gently grasped his hand in mine walking him back to his bunk. I pulled down my jeans and removed my boxers, followed by my shirt.

It wasn't until I was undressed that I noticed the nervous butterfly-flutter in my stomach. I tried to ignore it, though. I bit down on my lip a little.

[Bert] I looked over at Gerard. "Are you absolutely sure this is what you want?" i asked.

[Gerard] I nodded slowly. "Yeah...." I licked my lips nervously.

[Bert] I stared at Gerard and all his beauty, God he was gorgeous like this. "Ok...bend over ok? tell me if you need me to stop." i carefully aligned myself with his entrance. Going ever so slowly as I slid my self in.

[Gerard] “Ohahh!” I let out a small gasp as he slid inside.

[Bert] “Are you ok…do you want me too stop?” I asked worrifully.

[Gerard] “N-no it’s ok” I stuttered.

[Bert] I continued sliding in and out of him trying to be as careful as I possibly could. We were both silent for a few moments then Gee erupted into small moans.

[Gerard] “Ohh fuck Bert, that feels so good gahh don’t stop mmahhohmmmberrrrt.” I moaned in ecstasy as Bert thrusted into my backside. “Gawd harder Bert.”

[Bert] I thrusted harder on Gerard’s command. “Fuck Gee you’re so hot mmmmmgoddd.”

[Gerard] I bucked my hips as Bert fucked me. God I never thought I could enjoy this so much after…after well…god Gerard don’t think about it.

[Bert] “Gee I’m so fucking close.” I moaned.

[Gerard] “Fuck me too.” My cock was so hard with excitement. As I went to reach towards it Bert smacked my hand away and put his own hand there instead. “Mmm god Bert.”

[Bert] My cock throbbed inside Gerard as I massaged his. “OHHH FUCK!” I moaned, “GEERRARDDDD!” I moaned as I spilled inside of him.

[Gerard] As soon as he came inside me I let out a ear piercing moan, “FUCK BERT OHHHHH FUCKING GAHHH OOOHHH BERRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTT!!” I came all over his hand.

[Bert] My body collapsed on Gerard’s in a heap of exhaustion. “I love you.” I said.

[Gerard] I smiled slightly. "I love you more than anything in this world, sweetheart. Always remember that."
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