Ashprin (rockmysoxoff876) wrote in mcr_lovers,

Title- Those Ice Blue Eyes
Rating- a light R perhaps
Pairing- Gee / Bert
Summary- Bert and Gerard meet one another for the first time
Disclaimer- don't own anyone and it never happened

Gerards P.O.V.
Driving through the entrance of the Warped Tour was like walking into the pearly gates of heaven. It was our bands first year on the tour. All of us were extremely excited to play for the huge crowds and to meet all of the bands that would be touring with us. As we drove to find a parking spot a large group of guys caught my eye. I turned to look out my window and saw that there was a dark haired man in the middle of the group saying something and laughing. Our bus halted to a stop and caught the crowd's and the young man's attention. His icy blue eyes caught my dark mysterious hazel ones in a trance. We looked at one another for a moment then i turned away.

Frankie ran over to me and plopped down on my lap. "What's up Gee?" he squeaked. "Nothing," I said in a sullen voice. He patted me on the head and ruffled my hair.

"Come on Gee, cheer up! We're here and we're making our dreams come true!"

"I guess..." i trailed off.

He pulled on my jacket, "Come On!!!!" I followed him off the bus. As soon as the sunlight hit my face I sheilded my eyes and searched my pockets for a pair of dark shades. Damn. Nothing.

"Fuck it's bright."

"Well maybe if you stopped being a creature of the night and came into the light once in a while you'd get used to it." Frankie smirked.

"Shut up!" I squealed. He started to tickle my sides. I burst into a fit of giggles and fell to the ground. Just then that blue eyed dark haired man walked up and put his arm on our bus and leaned against it.

"Hey!" he said.

"Sup Bert?" Frankie replied.

"Nothing you?"

"Eh, same 'ol same 'ol, just settling down here. Oh Gee, this is Bert McCracken. He's the lead singer of The Used."

"Hey!" His voice sounded hoarse as if he had been partying all night, which he probably was. His hair looked as if it hadn't been brushed or washed in forever. HIs black t-shirt was all wrinkled and stretched out. And there was leftover pinkish eyeshadow surrounding his lower eye lids.

"Oh, uhm, Hey." i said quickly.

"You're the singer from My Chem right?"

"Oh yea, I'm Geardr." is hook his hand.

"Nice to meet you. I really think all of your lyrics are brilliant. Your voice is great!"

"Thanx..." I blushed and looked down. He walked closer to me and placed his hand under my chin. He lifted it a little and looked into my eyes.

"Awww don't be embarrassed, it's just a compliment." He kissed his index and middle finger and pressed it against my cheek. "See ya later." He skipped back off to his crowd to talk up a storm.

I was all alone now so i reached into my pocket for a ciggarette. I lit one up sat on the ground. Bert seems nice. He's really a sweetheart too. HArdly anyone ever tells me they think im brilliant. Hearing it from him made me flutter inside...i wasn't sure why. He is pretty hot tho-. Before i could finish my thought ray ran around the corner and started to shout at me.

"Gerard we have a fucking set lets go! Your late!" He picked me up by the collar and dragged me over to the stage.

I followed him close behind, his hands still gripping my shirt. I finished my ciggarette backstage as i waited for our que to come on stage. The manager guy waved at us and i threw down my ciggarette. I exhaled as i took the stage. I grabbed the mic right when they beginning to Vampires Will Never Hurt You started up. I swung the mic in circles then grabbed it with my other hand. I lifted the mic and began to sing. "And if they get me take this spike..." We went through about 3 more songs before we played Im Not Okay. In the middle of the song i decided to do a "crotch grab." I grabbed a hold of myself just as Bert walked onto the side stage. He smiled at me and gave me a wave. I smiled and finished up the song and then did a few more.

After the set was over i ran backstage to find Bert. I looked all over but i couldn't find him anywhere. It randomly started to rain like a mother fucker. It was pouring. Shit. I zipped my sweatshirt and pulled up my hood.

"Gee," Mikey ran over and grabbed me by the shoulder, "are ya gonna hang here till the tsorm dies down?"

"Nah," i replied, "I'm gonna head back to the bus.

"Suit you self." He shurgged and walked away.

I hugged myself the whole way back to the bus since it was raining. As soon as i got inside i took off my sweatshirt and shook my head. Water flew everywhere. I ran over to the couch and sat down. I quickly flipped on the tv and snuggled on the couch. Someone knocked at the door. Dammit. I was nice and cozy. "COME IN!" i shouted. Bert wandered up the steps and waved.

"Hi there!" Bert squeaked.

"Hey! What are you doing here?"

"I was bored, mind if i hang here?"

"No not at all." Bert sat down and sighed. I watched his chest rise and fall and for that instant i was deeply attracted to him.

"Uh bert?"

"Mhmm?" he muttered, his eyes still fixiated on the tv.

"I'm gonna take a shower so yea, make your self at home."


Bert eyed me as i made my way to the bathroom. I shut the door and looked in the mirror. I slowly began to undress and ran my hands over my bare stomach and smooth pale skin. I turned on the hsower and stepped in. I let the water slide down my face and my shoulders. Completely slathering my hair. I cuaght myself thinking about Bert, but i didn't stop myself. I lowered my hand to my inner thigh and then slowly up a little. I wrapped my frail hands around my hard cock. I shuttered for a moment then began to pump myself. I leaned against the shower wall and went a little faster. "Mmmmm ohhh." I thought sbout Bert's tight little ass and his gorgeous body. "Mmmm god..." I was trying not to say his name cuz i knew he was out there. I thought about him covered ins weat after a set. His face all flustered and red. God. NO Gerard, can not moan, he's out there.

I couldn't hold on and i couldn't take it. I screwed my eyes shut and leaned my head back against the tile wall. "Ohhhhhhh goddddddd mmmmohhooooh mmmmmmFUCK!" I came all over my hand and the tile on the wall. After regaining my strength i turned off the shower and stepped out. I wrapped a towel around my waist and placed my hand on the door knob. I turned it slowly and walked into the front room of the bus. My mouth opened in shock as i stood there gaping at Bert. The TV was on mute, Bert was sprawled out on the couch, face flustered, hands in his pants.

"Uhh Gerard I uhh---"
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