Ashprin (rockmysoxoff876) wrote in mcr_lovers,

-Title: i know how you feel ...

-Band/Pairing: Gerard / Bert

-Author: Ashley (rockmysoxoff876)

-Rating: PG 13

-Summary: Gerard knows he wants more from his and berts relationship but he doesnt think bert feels the same . . . or does he?

-Authors notes or any other information: this is from gerards POV so ya its not the greatest but i was having major writers block

The sunlight hit my face as i woke up. i turned my head to see bert lying there fast asleep. he looked so georgeous when he was like this. his mouth curled into a little smile his eyelashes fluttering lightly as he was dreaming. he was so beautiful that i just stared in awe. all the events from last night started re-inventing themselves in my mind. bert on top of me, me on top of bert, his hands groping every inch of my body feeling his way down to my boxers. god bert could do wonders with that mouth of his. his smile got bigger as he woke up. "dont you think i dont see you staring at me mr. gerard way." he laughed and poked me in the arm. i smiled and laughed back as i layed my head onto the pillow. bert rolled his body on top of me in a way that made my heart race. as soon as he lined up his face with mine he kissed me softly on my forehead, gave my cock a little squeeze and slid out from under the covers. god i wanted him just to stay in bed with me so bad. he made his way over to the corner of the bus and quietly got dressed trying not to wake up the guys. i watched as he put on his shirt. the way he lifted his arms causing his pants to sink lower and exposing those hip bones of his. he made his way back over to my bed just as i was getting up. he gave me a hug and and a hard kiss on the mouth. i looked at him and smiled. "ill be back in a little while," he said, " i gotta go check on the guys." he kissed me again then made his way to the door and grabbed the handle. he turned his head and blew me a kiss. i pretended to catch it and hold it to my heart. "bye babe" i said. i could have swore he mutered something under his breath but before i could say anything he was out the door. and hour later i got up and ran to find some jeans and a shirt so maybe i could see him as soon as i could. "why do i have to be so stupid, i just have to tell him how i feel" i whispered to myself. after i finished getting myself together i grabbed a pair of shades, my ciggarettes, my wallet, and my cell. i stepped out into the early morning and leaned against the cold metal of the tour bus. i wish i had bert here to warm me up. i bent down to grab my lighter. as i stood up bert was standing right there. "HEY!" he said with a cheesy smile. i laughed back, " hey, long time no see." our little laughs turned into an akward silence. i think he could tell that there was something i wasnt telling him. " wats been with you lately? i mean is there something wrong, something that...that you wanna tell me?" he said. "uhm..." i wanted to tell him but i didnt have the words. before i could give him my answer frankie mikey quinn and jeph came out of the bus. "HEY YOU TWO!" frankie squealed as he hopped off the bus, "you wanna go get some lunch with us?" "no," i said, " im just gonna hang here." "ill saty too," bert said. i smiled to my self knowing that this could be the perfect time to tell him how i felt. as soon as the guys dissapeared down the street i started to give bert my explanation, " bert, down i have to uhm i have to tell you something." he sat down next to me and is tarted to explain. " ok you and i are reallly good friends right...well i was wondering do we just have to be uhm well...i mean" befor ei could finish my thought bert grabbed my shoulders and started making out with me. he worked himself on top of me as he fondled me all over. " i know exactly how you feel gerard." bert said in his muffled voice, "ive always wanted more, but i didnt know what to say." after a few more minutes bert made his way down to the zipper of my jeans. but i stopped him before he could go any further he slowly lifted his head and gave me a puzzled look. "youve done me enough favors baby, its your turn." his smile grew as we switched places. i slowly unzipped his jeans with my teeth then pulled his pants and his boxers to his ankles. just seeing him half naked was already getting me hard. i slowly lowered my mouth onto his cock and began sucking up and down. he gripped the cheap leather seats of the couch and started to moan, " ohhh gerard fuck your so hott." i increased my pace the more he moaned. "fuck gerard ive never enjoyed anything more... faster dont fucking slow down." he let out a final ear piercing moan as he came in my mouth ," OOOHHHH gooddd GERARD!!" his body went limp on the leather couch. i got up and straddled mnyself onto him. he smiled and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. "the guys will be back any second ok so later tongiht...when theyre all drunk," he began to whisper even softer, " come over to my bus and ill really do you a favor." he pulled up his pants just as the guys came into the bus. he pretended as if nothing had happened. "hey guys." they all said, "whatve you been up to?" al bert did was smile and wink at me, " oh just....just nothing." i hung my hair over my face as my cheeks turned beet red.
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