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Title - i'll love you in the most sensual way
Authors - Ashley (me) **rockmysoxoff876** and Carrie **accentsarehot**
Pairing - gee and bert of course
Summary - gerard and bert feel the same way . . . but who will tell the other first
Disclaimer - we dont own any of the two unfortunately (as much as wed like to tho)
Notes - we hope you enjoy it !!!

[Bert] I walked onto the bus Gerard’s hand in mine, we had just finished singing under pressure and I was definitely feeling something. His hand was cold but the rest of him was EXTREMELY hot. I whispered into his ear, "you did great tonight gee"

[Gerard] I walked to the bus with Bert, hand-in-hand. When he whispered to me that "You did great tonight, gee." I felt a light blush tint my cheeks. "You weren't exactly horrible yourself." I smiled up at him.

[Bert] When Gerard gave me that smile I knew I was in for it, I hope we’ll be stopping at a hotel tonight. We sat down on the bus his hand was still in mine I looked over and saw he was staring at me from the corner of his eye I couldn’t help but giggle at the thought that maybe he felt the way I did

[Gerard] When I noticed that Bert knew I was looking at him, I quickly averted my eyes. God, I need to do something about all of this. I mean, honestly. It's starting to get ridiculous. When Bert laughed, I looked at him, "What?"

[Bert] "Gee, you’re just, never mind." I let out another small laugh just as Frankie shouted " Guys, we’re heading to a hotel tonight" I stood up and shouted "FUCK YEA" I was excited knowing that Gerard would be in the same hotel as me and this time I could let him onto my feelings, I just hoped he wouldn’t freak

[Gerard] I looked up at Bert. "What the fuck?" I asked, laughing. "You're acting like you've never been to a hotel before." I snickered.

[Bert] "Well I’ve never been to a hotel before with you Mr. Way." I smirked at my own witty comment. Sitting back down next to Gerard and placed my hand right back into his

[Gerard] "So that makes it a whole new experience, right?" I rolled my eyes, "You're a nut."

[Bert] "Ok so maybe I am...Gee ya know what would be even nuttier, how about you stay in my room tonight," I moved closer to Gerard whispering into his ear, "We’d have ever so much fun." I fluttered my eyelashes at him and flashed him a toothy grin.

[Gerard] I felt the blush tinge my cheeks again. God. Does he have to like innuendo so damn much?!

[Bert] "Gee don’t be shy...." I sat on his lap, "You know you want to." We arrived at the hotel minutes later. I grabbed Gerard by the hand and dragged him inside

[Gerard] I laughed a little as he dragged me inside the hotel. "All right, then!"

[Bert] I smiled at gee as we approached the service counter. "I need one room, please" "2 beds?" the attendant asked. I corrected him, "No, just one" I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw that Gerard was blushing.
[Gerard] My eyes widened. One bed? What? What the hell does he have up his sleeve?!

[Bert] I grabbed the key from the attendant and pulled Gerard to the room, our bags were already there from the bell boy bringing them up, so we got settled right away. As soon as we stepped into the room I jumped onto the bed and laid on my side in a oh so sexy pose, "Gee honey, don’t be shy." I patted the bed lightly.

[Gerard] Honey? What? I arched an eyebrow at him, "What's with this honey business?" I asked, walking over and laying down on the bed on my side, looking at him, waiting for an answer.

[Bert] I searched my mind for an answer but al I could do was smile, "I don’t know" I said in a little kid-ish voice. I looked up at Gerard’s face his corpse like complexion showing that little hint of a blush. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him close just staring into his eyes.

[Gerard] My eyes widened. "Wha...what are you....doing?" I licked my lips nervously.

[Bert] "Gee I-I need to tell you something kind of important" I searched my mind nervously for the right words but I couldn’t put my thoughts into context "Gee, I really uhm, I-I like you and well I like you …a lot..." I couldn’t take the tension anymore I pulled Gerard in even closer and kissed him hard on the lips

[Gerard] I tensed at first, then practically melted into him, kissing back. After a few moments, I slowly pulled back, staring at him. "Wha.....h-how long...have you...I-I" My eyes fell. I hate being at a loss for words! And it always happens when you really need words! And they come in excess when you would rather just not have them at all!

[Bert] "Gee I have loved you for so long now I couldn’t keep it in anymore...I guess I always have, ever since the first time I laid eyes on you" I smiled at him and looked down. I tried pulling my hair over my face, this time I was blushing!!!!

[Gerard] I smiled. "You're too cute." I wrinkled my nose a little.

[Bert] I looked up still embarrassed of my blush "you feel the same?"

[Gerard] "No, not at all, sweetheart. I just kissed you back for the sake of it all!" I said sarcastically, "Yes. I....I love you more than anything......I've loved you for so long...."

[Bert] I grabbed him once more and kissed him passionately on the mouth. I released my grip on him and stared straight into his eyes "I love you"

[Gerard] When he kissed me, I kissed back just as passionately. When he pulled back, I let out a slight whimper. I blushed at that. That wasn't supposed to happen.
[Bert] "Oh don’t whimper honey, if you want more, just ask" I smiled at him and leaned forward yet again

[Gerard] I kissed him again, deeper than before.

[Bert] I couldn’t help my lingering curiosity and felt my way down to the zipper of his tight black ripped up jeans I stopped to look at him for his nod f approval

[Gerard] I caught his hand and pulled back, shaking my head. "No-not.....yet...." I bit down on my lip, looking down.

[Bert] "It’s alright" I said "I would wait for you forever" I smiled and stared into his eyes

[Gerard] I looked up at him, blushing. "Wha...a-are you sure?

[Bert] "Anything and I mean ANYTHING for you" I said, ”you have to understand this Hun, I LOVE you , unconditionally" "I’ve never felt this way for anyone...ever"

[Gerard] I smiled at him. "Re-really?"

[Bert] " really"

[Gerard] I smiled, leaning over and kissing him gently. "I'm so glad we feel the same."

[Bert] "So am I" I thought for a minute “Gee honey, its late," I laughed, "I think we should get some rest." I rolled over and pulled off my shirt and pants. Just in my boxers, I slid into bed.

[Gerard] I nodded, following suit, lying down next to him. I idly started playing with his hair, twisting the ends of his hair between my fingers.

[Bert] I looked at him sweetly and laid my head on his chest. I looked up into his face " I love you "

[Gerard] I grinned at him. "I love you, too, sweetheart." I whispered, continuing to play with his hair, smiling.

[Bert] "Gee what are we, I mean now that we’ve confessed ..."

[Gerard] "Dating, I guess? I'll be whatever you want to be, baby." I said quietly.

[Bert] "Alright, well I want you and me to be officially boyfriend Gerard" I smiled and giggled a little

[Gerard] I giggled. "I love the sound of that." I smiled.

[Bert] I laid my head onto his chest and stroked is arm

[Gerard] I kissed his forehead. "You're so adorable."

[Bert] "Hee hee I know" I fluttered my eyelashes. "Hold me?" I said as I poked out my bottom lip

[Gerard] " cute." I smiled, "Of course." I said quietly, wrapping my arms around him.

[Bert] "Thank yooouuu" I smiled. I yawned quietly "I’m sweepy gee"

[Gerard] I giggled. "So cute." I smiled down at him before breaking into a yawn myself. "Then we should sleep."

[Bert] "Okay" I said still talking like a little kid. 'nighty nighty" I smiled. "I love you Gerard always and forever, no matter what"

[Gerard] I smiled, kissing his cheek. "I love you, too, sweetheart."

[Bert] I slowly dozed off listening to the sound of Gerard’s breathing
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