Ashprin (rockmysoxoff876) wrote in mcr_lovers,

-Title: ill love you in the most sensual way CHAPTER 5
-Band/Pairing: gee and bert
-Author: accentsarehot **carrie** and rockmysoxoff876 **me**
-Rating: R
-Summary: gerard gets sex hair and gives bert some sex
-Authors notes or any other information: Well sorry its shorter than most and a tad boring but the next one will be more interesting and longer.

[Bert] God in heaven that was wonderful. I can't believe that we did it...we actually did it. At that moment I felt closer to Gerard more than I ever have. "Thank you." I whispered.

[Gerard] I smiled, leaning over and kissing him gently. I really hope he wasn't expecting words.... Because I found my voice caught in my throat at the moment...

[Bert] I let out a small sigh as we kissed. I was happier than ever. I mean yea I've done it before but not with someone I truly love. Then it hit me...I really do love him more than he will ever know. I started to hum the tune to 'I Caught Fire.' I hope Gee knows that this song has always been for him.

[Gerard] I smiled, blushing slightly, and leaned my head on his shoulder.

[Bert] "Gee baby, sorry for breaking this beautiful silence and all, but, thank you so much for tonight. It was great, you were great." I smiled and looked Gerard's beautiful body over.

[Gerard] Why did I have to randomly become almost completely mute now of all times?! Ugh. Worst time ever. Worst time ever to not be able to speak!

[Bert] I giggled a little, "fine, you don’t have to say anything." I snuggled up in his arms and shut my eyes to try and sleep. I knew I probably wouldn’t because I'm quite excited and jumpy right now.

[Gerard] I bit down on my lip. He doesn't think I'm not saying anything just to...not...say anything does he? Because, I'm not! I've just become randomly mute. I didn't mean to.... But my voice is just...not...working. Which is really fucked up! Dammit!

[Bert] well say something...anything...I don't care if you start rattling off about waffles..." I laughed. "I mean did I do something wrong or hurt you or something...cuz if I did then tell me baby."

[Gerard] I shook my head, "N-no! I-I.... Just.... Heh...." I gave him a small, shy smile, my nerves suddenly on end.

[Bert] "Haha baby it's ok...just go to bed alright." I laid my head on his shoulder and breathed in his sweet scent of cigarettes, sweat, and sex. Somehow it smelled good to me though. I gave him another look over. Hazel eyes, pale expression, smile on his face, black sex hair..."GERARD WAY MY MY MY YOU HAVE SEX HAIR!" I tried to flatten it out but it did no good. So I ruffled it up making it even worse.

[Gerard] "Okay.... First things first: Sex hair?" I collapsed into a fit of giggles. After I managed to calm down a bit, "Secondly.... Sleep? You nuts?"

[Bert] I laughed back. "Yes, I said sex hair." I smiled. "And yes I said sleep, why are you not tired? Do you wanna do it again?"

[Gerard] I giggled. "No, I'm not tired....." I smirked, but gave no further insinuation of anything.

[Bert] "Well..." I pressed for an answer. The sheets tented slightly as I thought about it. I blushed and moved my hand to cover it.

[Gerard] I grinned and waggled my eyebrows. "For you, baby...anything." I grinned.

[Bert] I clapped like a 13-year-old fan girl and fluttered my eyelashes.

[Gerard] I giggled to myself and smiled.

[Bert] “Ok…” I sighed not knowing what to say. I made my way over to his side of the bed and asked him to bend over and hold the headboard.

[Gerard] “Hunnie no, I want to do YOU a favor this time, your already so good to me.”

[Bert] I smiled and blushed…I couldn’t wait till he was in me. “Alright…whatever you say.”

[Gerard] I positioned myself behind him and held onto his hips.

[Bert] I grabbed hold of the headboard and held on tight.

[Gerard] With one swift movement I was fully engulfed in him.

[Bert] “Ahhh!” I let out a small gasp as he entered me. Mm, this was so hot.

[Gerard] “Are you alright?” I asked slowing down a little.

[Bert] “God yes, never better, just…go…faster.” I breathed in and out.

[Gerard] I escalated my pace and pounded into his backside. I was going so hard I thought I’d snap his lower half off.

[Bert] “Mmmmmm fuck Gerard, don’t stop, Ohhhh GOD….fuck.” I moaned out.

[Gerard] “Bert…I’m so happy…we switched places…it’s so fucking good.” I breathed heavily.


[Gerard] “Christ Bert I’m so close…mmm god.” I let out a small moan. “MmmmahhhoooooBert.”

[Bert] I moaned his name inaudibly over and over, “ohhhhhgerardfuckgerardgodgerardgerardgerard mmmmmmm FUCK GGGEEERRRRARRRRRDDDD!!!!!”

[Gerard] “BERRTTTTT FUCKKKING CHRIST THIS IS IT!!!! GAWWWWWDDDD BERRRRTTTTTTTT!!!!” I came all inside him just as he came on my bed sheets.

[Bert] My body collapsed under Gerard’s in a heap. “God….you’ll never cease to amaze me.” I laughed and kissed his forehead.

[Gerard] “I love you.” I laughed back and returned the kiss. I stroked back my sweaty “sex hair” as Bert puts it and wiped off my forehead.

[Bert] “Are you ready to sleep yet?” I laughed, “Cuz you wore me out.”

[Gerard] I smiled, lying down next to him. "Mmhmm...." I snuggled into his side.

[Bert] I loved how he just fits to my body, it’s just so perfect. “Goodnight my love.” Is aid quietly as I kissed him softly on the lips and dozed into a deep sleep.

[Gerard] "Goodnight, sweetheart." I whispered before following him into DreamLand.
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