Kaitie Kaits (gottaluvgerard) wrote in mcr_lovers,
Kaitie Kaits

Here u go

Name: kaitlyn
Location: sarasota Fl
Age: 12
Sex: female
Sexuality: bi
Favorite Song In General (it doesn't have to be an MCR song): i never told u wut i did for a living
Favorite MCR song: i never told u wut i did for a living
Top 5 Favorite Bands: green day MCR the used hawthorne hegiths sum 41 audioslave
Give us a verse from your favorite MCR Song: and never again and never again they gave us two shoots in the bac of the head and were all dead NOW
Do you like the new cd or the old one better?: New one
Promote to atleast 3 other Journals Or Communities:  Under Preesure bert is sex and ____gerardway____
If you want, you can post a picture, so we could get a general idea as to what you look like:

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