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-Title: ill love you in the most sensual way CHAPTER 6
-Band/Pairing: gee and bert
-Author: accentsarehot **carrie** and rockmysoxoff876 **me**
-Rating: pg-13 ish
-Summary: i never knew gee sleep talked....
-Authors notes or any other information: uhm this ch. might be a lil rambly but we didnt have anywhere to go

[Bert] I awoke the next morning with a smile on my face. I looked to my left and saw Gee was still sleeping. As quietly as I could i crept over Gerard and slipped out of bed. "Jesus It's hot in here." I muttered under my breath. I made my way to the window to pry it open, breathing in the fresh air. Gerard was muttering something in his sleep. I decided to walk over and listen.

[Gerard] "Sheep! And cookies!" I jumped awake, sitting up, wincing at the light.

[Bert] I flew backwards laughing. "Holy shit Gerard!!! What the fuck?!" I was laughing my ass off. "Sheep AND cookies?"

[Gerard] I stared at him blankly. "What?"

[Bert] "Do you have any idea what you were just sleep-saying?" I asked.

[Gerard] I frowned a little. "Wait....I talk in my sleep?" Funny. No one ever told me that....

[Bert] “YA! Something about fucking sheep and cookies Gee!” I laughed.

[Gerard] "Sheep and cookies?" I frowned. "That doesn't even make any sense...." I shook my head.

[Bert] “No shit Sherlock!” I said as I made my way over to the kitchen area. I opened cabinet and poured myself a glass of water.

[Gerard] I attempted to glare after him; it was quite halfhearted. "Whatever!" I should probably get up, but I'm not a morning person....and I don't feel like getting up, so I fell back on the bed again, laying there, staring up at the ceiling, smile on my face as I thought about last night.

[Bert] I finished my glass and put it on the counter. I ran over to the bed and flopped down. "So did ya have fun last night hmm?" I asked.

[Gerard] I felt the light blush starting to tint my cheeks but smiled at him, nodding. "Of course." I kissed him gently.

[Bert] "Yay!" I clapped lightly. I kissed back and then released. I gazed into his eyes for a moment. "We should probably get up and get dressed, I mean, the guys haven't seen us since we came on the bus last night and well...yea." I snickered.

[Gerard] I nodded, "This is true."

[Bert] I kissed his forehead once more and got out of the bed to find my clothes. After pulling on my jeans I tossed Gee a pair of jeans and a crumpled black t shirt. "Here darling, we can match!" I said as I smoothed out my own black shirt.
[Gerard] I chuckled. "Right then." I shook my head a little and got up to get dressed, throwing the jeans on and slipping the shirt on over my head.

[Bert] As soon as Gee was dressed I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him outside. "Mmmm smell the fresh air." I shouted, "Where are the guys?" I asked just as I heard hollering coming from my bus.

[Gerard] I looked at him, "Let's take a vote. Who thinks they're on your bus?" I said, my tone sarcastic, raising my hand.

[Bert] I hit him lightly on the shoulder, "haha very funny." I said blatantly. I clutched his hand in mine as we made our way over to the bus.

[Gerard] I shrugged, "You asked!" I said, following him.

[Bert] I opened the door to see Quinn doing body shots off Frankie’s stomach. Mikey, Jeph, Bob, Ray, and Branden were cheering from the side.

[Gerard] I stood there for a moment, watching, amused. More by the cheering rather than the shots, but still. Amused.

[Bert] "You naughty naughty boys!" I squealed as I hit Quinn on the back just as he was about to go down for another shot. We all laughed for a moment then they went back to the shots. I walked Gerard over to the couch and pulled him down next to me. "So what'd you two do last night?" Frankie asked. I looked at Gerard for a moment then back at Frankie. "Oh nothing really, just kissing and the standard stuff." I looked at Gerard again. "What no sex?" Mikey asked. "Uh...." I wasn't sure if Gee wanted people to know or not.

[Gerard] I glanced at Bert from the corner of my eye, "No," I started, "But, see, we," I stressed the word and motioned to Bert and me, "Can control ourselves, unlike the lot of you."

[Bert] "Yea yea yea whatever..." Mikey said as he made his way over to the table to do a shot off of Quinn. I slowly rubbed my hand up and down Gee's hand and looked into his eyes. I kissed him softly on the lips. "What do you wanna do?" I asked.

[Gerard] "You're just proving me right," I said to my brother, smirking before finding Bert's lips on mine and kissing him back. "Mmm....I don't know...." I shrugged a little, leaning my head on his shoulder.

[Bert] "Hmmmm..." I said trailing off quietly at the end. "Do you guys have a show tonight?" I asked. Looping my arm around his waist and squeezing tightly.

[Gerard] "Uh...what is today?" I kind of tend to loose track of time easily sometimes. Not a good thing, but a true one.

[Bert] "Uhm Friday, It's the 7th." I replied shocked that I even new what today was.

[Gerard] "Friday...." I trailed off, trying to mentally go through the dates we had set while we were here. "I...don't think so..."

[Bert] "Oh ok well I was wondering if you wanted to uh...well...actually go get some REAL food for a at a restaurant." I wasn't so good at asking people out...even ones that I've had sex with.

[Gerard] I smiled and wrinkled my nose a little. He was so cute! "Of course," I kissed his cheek.

[Bert] "Ok," I said. I kissed his hand and leaned my head on his shoulder and watched the guys.


[Bert] After a few hours of watching the guys do body shots, play X Box, and crack open beer after beer I announced that we were gonna go out for some food. "Awww a date Mr. McCracken?" Quinn teased. I shot him a look and a blatant, "Yes" and headed down the bus stairs with Gee's hand in mine. "Where are there any restaurants around here?"

[Gerard] I shrugged, "I....have no idea."

[Bert] "Wow your helpful," I laughed, "Don't laugh but I think there is a Applebee's up the street." I looked at him and waited for his approval.

[Gerard] "I know I am! But thanks for the reassurance!" I smiled, "Fine with me. Food is food, right?"

[Bert] "True true." I said, "Let’s go." I laced my fingers with his and we walked up the street.

********** 15 MINUTES LATER **********

[Bert] "Ahh here we are." I said as I held open the glass door for Gerard.

[Gerard] I smiled, "Such a proper one!" I winked at him before walking in.

[Bert] I giggled and grabbed his hand again as we approached the hostess. "Uh a table for two please." I said being polite. She grabbed the menus and showed us to our table. "Can I get you anything to drink?" she asked. "Uh coke for me."

[Gerard] "Water," I said with a slight nod. She nodded, "All right," She snapped her gum a couple of times; one of the most annoying things in the world. "I'll be back with your drinks in a few minutes and...then I'll take your order." She snapped her gum again before turning to go. When I knew the girl was out of ear-shot, I rolled my eyes, "If there was ever a need for an annoying chestnut-haired, gum-snapping cheerleader type...she'd fit the bill."

[Bert] I laughed and smiled at Gee's witty comment. "Oh Gee your so funny." I said lightly as I slapped his hand. Second later the waitress was back with our drinks. She caught her eye on the fact that my hands were laced with Gerard's and I was all giddy. "Uhmm..." she stuttered for a moment, "what can I...uhh...get you to eat?" She snapped her gum.

[Gerard] I gave her my order, eyeing her all the while. "A-all right...." She nodded, but she stood there for a moment, not moving, still staring at our laced fingers. “Do you...have a problem, miss?" I tried to keep my voice even and light.

[Bert] " it's just uh uhm...sir what would you like?" she asked looking at me. I placed my order and looked at her sternly. She looked at our fingers once more and left the table. "Christ..." I said under my breath.

[Gerard] I sat back against the chair, giving a sigh. "People are...." I sighed again, shaking my head.

[Bert] "I know baby I know..." I replied.

[Gerard] "Why does it matter to people? It's not so different...." I muttered.

[Bert] "I dunno honey...people are just..." I sighed, "rude." The waitress returned to our table with our meals.

[Gerard] She set the plates down in front of us, "Are you...all right on your drinks?" She asked with a snap of her gum. "I'm fine." I muttered, wanting her to go away as soon as possible.

[Bert] "Same." I replied. Her eyes kept traveling up and down our hands and our faces, tracing over every piece of evidence she could find to prove we were together. I couldn’t take it. "Gee, I don't wanna eat here ok?" I said right in front if the waitress. "Could we get a box or something?" I asked.

[Gerard] I nodded silently. She nodded, "O-okay...." She looked down and turned to leave, but before she did, she turned back towards us, "I-I didn't mean to upset you or anything, but...." She gave a nervous laugh, "I'm a big fan and....I always thought you two would be cute together." She said quietly before turning and walking off.

[Bert] "Wait!" I said quickly. The girl turned back and walked over. "I'm sorry i was just uncomfortable because well I thought you were looking because well...we are together." I grabbed a napkin from the table and I pen from my pocket. I scribbled out an autograph and passed it over to Gee. He quickly signed and handed it to her. "Oh wow! Thank you so much!" she replied. "I'll be right back with your boxes." I smiled and looked at Gee.

[Gerard] I smiled a little after the girl, turning back to Bert. "God....I feel like an ass, now."

[Bert] "Aww don't we didn't know, we thought she was dissing us!" I giggled and grabbed the food boxes from the table. I reached out for Gee's hand and we headed out the door back to the buses. By the time we arrived the guys were all wasted and running around.

[Gerard] "I know, but still...." I leaned my head on his shoulder as we walked back to the buses.

[Bert] Since we got back late and all the guys were on the MCR bus we headed over to mine so we could get some sleep. As soon as we got inside I wandered over to the bed and stripped down to my boxers. I gestured for Gee to come closer to me.

[Gerard] I smiled and crawled onto the bed, lying down next to Bert. I snuggled into him.

[Bert] I stroked his hair back off his forehead and kissed him passionately on the mouth. My tongue crashed into his and ran over his teeth.

[Gerard] I kissed him back just as passionately, pushing my own tongue past his lips.

[Bert] I released from his mouth and buried my face into the crook of his neck. "I love you" I whispered. I closed my eyes and began to fall into a daze of sleep.

[Gerard] "Love you too, sweetheart." I said quietly, following him to sleep.


Frankie stumbled his way onto the bus and started to make his way to the couch to crash when he heard someone talking. He decided to go find out just who it was and what they were saying. He went to the back and poked his head in, listening.

"Last night....Mmm...."

It was Gee.....He couldn't let this be passed up. He was going to tape this or...something.....

"Mmmm Bert...harder." Gee whispered a moan under his breath. Frankie thought to himself...."What!!!! HOLY SHIT!!" Frankie shouted. Gerard awoke startled to see Frankie sitting there, his mouth gaping.

[Gerard] My eyes widened. I didn't know exactly what I had said, but I have a pretty good idea of the content.....considering what I had just been dreaming about. "Frankie...." I barely even managed to get his name out, and then the nervous smile split across my lips.

[Frankie] "Duudddeee I knew something was up between you two!" Frankie slurred his Words in his drunken state. "But I thought you guys didn't do it..."

[Gerard] I smacked my forehead. Jeez. I didn't want to deal with Frank, but I really couldn't afford to not deal with a drunken Frank. Of course, dealing with things tends to take a bit of talking and....talking wasn't working so well at the moment. ""

[Frankie] "Gee, it's alright, I get it. You like the guy, ahem, I mean you love him. Gee, he obviously loves you, I see the way he looks at you. It's cool, I won't tell anyone." Frankie smiled and stumbled his way out of the bus.

[Gerard] ".....Right...." Why do I have a feeling that trusting a drunken Frank isn't such a good idea?

[Bert] I woke up and saw Gerard sitting up in bed. "Hey why you awake it’s like 3 in the morning..." I asked.

[Gerard] Normally, I would have given him a proper answer, but right now, all that I could come up with was, "Frank knows."

[Bert] "Wha-what?" I stuttered. "How does he know..." I wasn't too concerned but I wasn't sure if Gee was.

[Gerard] "I was....sleep-talking." I shrugged a little. "He...said he wouldn't say anything, but...trusting a drunken Frank....I don't know...."

[Bert] “Well if he’s drunk then he might not remember right?” I sat up and looked at Gee, “Don’t worry it’ll work out, for now lets just go back to sleep, k?” I yawned and laid down.

[Gerard] I nodded a little. I doubted that.....Frank was a good drunk, but...maybe just this once. I lay back down next to Bert and leaned my head on his shoulder.

[Bert] I brushed the hair back off his forehead and looped my arms around him. "Night my love..."

[Gerard] "Goodnight, sweetheart." I said quietly, kissing his cheek.
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