Ashprin (rockmysoxoff876) wrote in mcr_lovers,

Title- Those Ice Blue Eyes
Rating- a very lite R
Pairing- Gee / Bert
Summary- Bert and Gerard both come to th conclusin that they have the same thing in mind
Disclaimer- don't own anyone and it never happened

Gerard’s P.O.V.

“Uhm Gerard I uh….it’s just I…”

I backed off slowly in the direction of the bathroom. I crept back into the humid room and slowly shut the door. Leaning up against it I sighed, my eyes wide with shock. “I can’t believe it, I just can’t believe it. This is crazy.” I started to slowly piece together the event’s details in my mind. The TV was on mute, his hand was down his pants, he was sprawled out…all because of me?! I barely even know the guy. I repeated the phrase out loud, “I barely even know the guy…” Of course I didn’t have room to criticize. I mean just seconds ago I was getting of to the thought of him…

I placed my hand on the door knob and quickly pulled it open. “Bert?” He was already gone. :”Damn,” I whispered to myself. I ran over to my bunk area to find a pair of jeans and a t shirt. I pulled on my clothes and ran back to the bathroom. I quickly fixed my hair, flashed myself a quick smile and winked. Within seconds I was out the door. I frantically searched for Bert everywhere. He wasn’t at his bus or the tent. He wasn’t even at that shady area over by that tree where he always sits when it gets to hot and then he takes off his shirt and he…god stop it Gerard! I lightly hit myself over the head. This is hopeless…

Bert’s P.O.V.

He caught me he fucking caught me. I knew I shouldn’t have even THOUGHT about doing that! I paced back and forth in the grass. As soon as he crept back into that room I bolted out of his bus. And now here I am…in this empty field behind the tour bus area. “FUCK!!!!!!” I screamed and fell backwards into the grass. I went over every detail and action in my head, all from where it started.

As soon as he told me he was going to shower I got this fluttery feeling inside. Something about his attitude and his beauty just gets to me. Just thinking about him showering made my knees buckle. I watched TV for a few minutes but my train of thought was interrupted by the sound of moaning escaping from the bathroom. At first they were quiet but then they escalated to screams of pure pleasure. Before I knew it my hand was down my pants. I thought about it for a moment then thought it would be fine to go ahead. I flipped the TV to mute and began to stroke myself up and down. I thought about what his face looked like as it contorted into little orgasm faces. Mmm god. I went faster and faster but kept my mouth shut for the sake of it all. I was red in the face and sweating like crazy. But of course right when I was about to let it all out Gerard discovered me.

WHY DID I HAVE TO DO THAT! I was still in personal shock of what happened minutes ago. All of a sudden I heard a faint yelling noise coming from the bus area. It was Gerard.

“Bert? Bert? BERT WHERE ARE YOU!?”

I stood up and brushed off my pants. He spotted me. I turned around and ran but he took off after me. Dammit, he was a fast runner! I tried to make myself go faster. It felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. The speed that I was going made my legs feel all wobbly and numb. All of a sudden I heard the pounding foot steps of Gerard’s black shoes closing in on me. He stuck his foot out and I tripped. After wrestling me to the ground he pinned my arms back.

“Why were…you doing…that?” Gee asked between short gasps.

I couldn’t answer. My mouth was dry as I tried to speak. “I-I…it’s just I was…I heard you and I well…I…” Gerard’s eyes got wide as soon as I mentioned the fact that I had heard him.

“…You did eh?” He asked. “I was just…I…and you and well……”the sentence escaped his mouth in a barely audible whisper. Then it hit me, he was jacking off to ME!

Before I had a chance to speak he leaned his face down closer to mine and looked into my eyes. His pale expression was so clear and smooth, it made him seem so young. The only thing that gave away his age was his eyes. Ah his eyes. They looked as if they’ve been through everything and that they could recall every story in perfect detail. Good and bad. He let out a small sigh. His hot breath coated my face. He pulled me up off the grass, not moving his gaze from my eyes. We stood there in silence.

Just then, Gerard reached forward and snaked his tongue across my lips. A deep passionate kiss following the seductive action. His tongue crashed into my mouth and slithered over my teeth. I stuck my tongue back at his and tangled my hands in his hair. He put his arms around me in a tight embrace as our tongues fought this battle deep in the confines of our mouths. He quickly released and gave me a quick glance. He hugged himself tight and took a step back.

“Gerard I-“ But before I could finish he was off. His image faded off in the distance, turning into a black blur. I ran my hands through my hair and licked my lips. Letting out I quick smile I took off towards the buses. I have to find him…now.
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